ThopTV APK - Movies, Live Cricket, TV Shows, and Live TV Channels, etc

ThopTV App Download: Are you looking to download Thop TV app for Android? Then, you’re at the right place. Because here is everything that you need to know about this free app.

What is ThopTV?

It looks like you do like to watch live TV Channels, Shows, and Movies, etc. If it’s like that, then you’re surely gonna love this app. Because, ThopTV is an Android app which allows users to stream Movies, TV Shows, Animes, and Live TV Channels, etc for free.

The great thing about ThopTV is that it is totally free to use and allows you unlimited and endless fun. This App is highly popular in India, as it provides most of the Indian content including videos, movies, live channels, and TV shows, etc. I think the app is something that you always have been looking for your entertainment purpose.

Thop TV - (Features)

Like any other free TV app, ThopTV also comes with a plethora of features. You can check out about each of the features below.

Free To Use
Yeah, you’ve heard absolutely right. You can enjoy unlimited and endless entertainment and fun for free. You don’t need to pay any amount to stream Movies, TV Programs or Live channels, etc. You even don’t need to signup or fill any forum to use this app. just go-ahead to the download link and install the app on your Android device right now to enjoy free stuff right now.

Videos Subtitles Support
The majority of the users face language issues with the content that they are watching. This might also have happened with you that you just downloaded any movie or TV Show and found that it has been downloaded in any other language that you don’t understand. So, to tackle this issue, Thop TV comes with a video subtitle feature that allows you to watch or stream the content with subtitles of your choice.

HD Movies & TV Shows
Movies and TV Shows are one of the most effective ways to entertain our minds. And, if the content you’re looking for is available in High resolution (HD), then this is one another great thing. So, Thop TV App is something that can fulfill most of the basic needs of Movies & TV Shows. Yeah, the app allows you to stream video content for free on your fingertips.

Radio Support
There are very few numbers of apps that might come with online and live Radio support. ThopTV is one such app that lets users listen to the live Radio of their choice on the go. As of now, the app only supports the Indian-based radio channels. It also allows you to switch between the radio channels over the language of your preference.

Live TV Channels
Using ThopTV, you can stream TV Channels Live globally. As of now, the app supports more than 3000 TV Channels worldwide. The list includes all the major, popular and favorite TV Channels. As the app is Indian, you may find a large number of Indian TV Channels. However, the app also allows you to watch global TV Channels too. But, the majority of Live TV Channels falls under the Indian category.

Frequent Updates
When it comes to the app updates, then I would like to tell you that ThopTV is a very popular online streaming App that receives app updates very frequently. The updates bring changes to the UI/UX, features and friendliness of the app, etc. The very latest version of the app is labeled as ThopTV 18.0 Apk. Furthermore, if we talk about the Movies and TV Shows updates, then it updates on a daily basis.

ThopTV APK Download 21.0 Latest Version for Android

File Name: ThopTV_apk_21.0.apk

Version: 21.0

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ThopTV For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Thop TV is a multi-platform entertainment hub. It is available to download and use for platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac/iOS. To download Thop TV apk for android, please go to above. 

Below, we have provided the links for ThopTV app download. Grab the link that supports best to your device.

Mac OS

Note: DRM Not Supported – Allium TV, Thyme TV, Alto, Jaguar, Whatstar Series and Movies, etc won’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

There are a number of questions that have been asked frequently. You can find out the answers to most of your questions below:

Q- What is ThopTV?

Ans. ThopTV is a widely popular Indian-based Online TV Platform that allows users to stream Live TV Channels, Movies, and TV Shows, etc for free.

Q- Is Thop TV Free to use?

Ans. Yeah, you can use this app for free. You don’t need to pay any amount to watch any TV Channel or Movie.

Q- What are the minimum requirements to install Thop TV APK on Android?

Ans. The minimum Android version required to install this app on Android is 4.4 KitKat.

Q- Some channels aren’t working?

Ans. This happens because of the source from where the content is being fetched is down or offline.

Q- What are some other ThopTV Alternatives?

Ans. Some other alternatives are CyberFlix TV, and Morpheus TV, etc.